Enliven Your Garden with Cotswold Chippings

As spring proceeds, in our mind’s eye we conjure up the image of an exceptionally low maintenance, aesthetically pleasing, fit for purpose, long lasting and enjoyment enhancing design scheme for our gardens. Outdoor living, barbeques and parties beckon.

The reality tends to be a post winter muddy, litter strewn grassy area with a straight path and standard fencing, a bike or football as ornamentation, an abandoned shed and soil that’s willing you to plant some vibrant flowers and shrubs in it before autumn arrives.

Time is precious, skill levels vary, and budgets aren’t always plentiful, but that doesn’t mean you should forsake an afternoon’s work and suffer an uninspiring outdoor room.

A garden spruce up is not a time-consuming chore that demands the generous budget of a TV garden makeover show á la Titchmarsh, a landscaping degree or special powers to achieve an instant rejuvenation.

Gravel is a perfect solution; …

The advantages of vinyl flooring

Vinyl flooring comes with many advantages – to start with, it is highly practical, looks great and is low cost compared to some other options. Vinyl flooring is so tough that is is often the go to in industry as well. Before going for a floor option, you need to consider cost, the benefits, and how long it will last.

Here are some reasons you’re likely to consider installing vinyl flooring in Pietermaritzburg.

  • It is highly durable and can withstand foot traffic and pressure.
  • This covering is often used in high moisture areas. This makes vinyl flooring in Pietermaritzburg an ideal choice, given the high levels of humidity. It also means you are not curtailed to using a different covering for the laundry room, kitchen or bathroom.
  • It is pet- and baby friendly. It is warm and has a great texture, so is comfortable for your baby, too. You