Enliven Your Garden with Cotswold Chippings

As spring proceeds, in our mind’s eye we conjure up the image of an exceptionally low maintenance, aesthetically pleasing, fit for purpose, long lasting and enjoyment enhancing design scheme for our gardens. Outdoor living, barbeques and parties beckon.

The reality tends to be a post winter muddy, litter strewn grassy area with a straight path and standard fencing, a bike or football as ornamentation, an abandoned shed and soil that’s willing you to plant some vibrant flowers and shrubs in it before autumn arrives.

Time is precious, skill levels vary, and budgets aren’t always plentiful, but that doesn’t mean you should forsake an afternoon’s work and suffer an uninspiring outdoor room.

A garden spruce up is not a time-consuming chore that demands the generous budget of a TV garden makeover show á la Titchmarsh, a landscaping degree or special powers to achieve an instant rejuvenation.

Gravel is a perfect solution; value for money, exceptional quality gravels from the south of England are available from established local gravel suppliers including Rivar Sand and Gravel, based in Newbury, Tadley and Windlesham.

10mm gravels are more prone to compaction than 20mm gravels and in icy weather the 20mm boasts safety benefits as a slippery sheen cannot be formed over the multi-level stones.   The local gravels, Cotswold chippings among them, are from the area and so blend with their surroundings. This means you can borrow the landscape which can expand the visual width and length of your space, even in a small courtyard or urban setting.

Gravels versatility, practicality and attractiveness mean that many are suitable for almost any design scheme and application. Cotswold chippings 20mm angular buff-yellow stone has undoubted kerb appeal, endures, represents value for money and delivers top level functionality. It is also available in 14mm, but this is not normally held as a stock item by gravel suppliers.

  • Mulch in pots and flowerbeds.
  • Highlight water features or statues.
  • As a feature.
  • Seating area.
  • Around a fire pit.
  • Dining and entertaining spaces.
  • To hide manhole covers and drainpipes.
  • Bin storage areas.

Professional gravel suppliers, like the team at Rivar Sand and Gravel, can answer your gravel attributes, installation and quantity questions and guide you towards maintenance lessening ancillary products like weed matting, edging strips and gravel frameworks.

Gravel suppliers keep most gravels in stock ready to be taken away, so you can transfer your enthusiasm straight to your garden project.  Convenient delivery services are a welcome option for many domestic customers because they remove the hard work of lugging 20mm gravel bulk bags, half bulk bags and loose supplies.

A word of caution, when you ask for Cotswold chippings some less enlightened retailers will show you 20-5mm South Cerney gravel or Cotswold Buff chippings. Whilst these are popular gravels, they are different from the true Cotswold chippings so ask where the product came from; if it’s not from the Cotswolds, it’s probably an alternative.

An investment of a few hours and a little money can make you fall in love with your garden again.  What are you waiting for?