Who Am I Supposed To Call If There Is A Hidden Leak In My Home?


Did you ever face that awkward moment when there’s no water coming out of nowhere and the clock on the main line says there’s water being used somewhere in your house? You go inside, look for the place where water is flowing, but there’s no sign of it.

Far scarier and dangerous is when you suddenly realize that water made your floor or walls all wet. There’s obviously water coming from somewhere but you don’t know where. Your basement is full of water and it is also coming from the first-floor ceiling, but everything’s dry on the floor above.

This is the time to call professional to detect where this water is coming from. You need to call professional plumbers who are skilled in finding leaks around your house. Finding a good one is not easy these days though. You need to spend some time online looking for the right person. Here’s a short list of things you need to look for if you want to make the right choice:

Experienced plumbers who can detect leaks

It’s very important to find professionals who are experienced and know their job. There are hundreds of thousands of plumbers in the US and over 12.000 in Houston. However, leak problems are a serious thing and not every person can deal with it.

Leak detection Houston plumbers are rare and good ones even more. Of course, if you ask any of them, they’ll tell you that they can find the problem, but it’s likely that an inexperienced worker will only do you more damage than fixing a problem. So, you need to look for plumbers who already had leak detection experience and dealt with it successfully.

Licensed plumbers

Looking for a licensed plumber is important because of the already mentioned reason. There are thousands of them but not all can find and fix your problem. Licensed plumbers were studying for plumbing issues and took tests where they proved they are skilled. A licensed plumber is insurance of its own and it means you’re calling the right person for this job.

Insured companies or individuals

Insurance is very important in the plumbing business. Companies who are successful have high insurance amounts and are the safest way to fix some problem because clients know that if anything goes wrong the insurance will cover the damage.

Always look for insurance. Before you sign a contract make sure that your home is safe from additional damages or damages that can occur because of the work done.

Honest workers

Look for your potential plumber online. See the reviews from previous clients. It’s important to deal with someone who is honest and fair. Looking for hidden leaks in your house is a job that anyone can turn it against you. Find sites with reviews here.

An experienced plumber can easily convince you that you need to spend a lot of money on your problem with leaking. The truth might be something completely different and you wouldn’t have a chance to know. Find a plumber who will be fair and tell you exactly where the problem is and what’s the best solution for it.

Plumbers who offer a fair price

This is directly connected to the previous paragraph. A fair worker will offer their services and tell you what must be done. They won’t tell you that many other things must be fixed using the situation. They’ll offer a fair price too.

This kind of person will probably also tell you what else needs to be done around the place before and after they work. In the case of hidden leaks, plumbers often must dig into walls and make a huge mess around your place. A fair person will tell you what’s going to happen, how much will it cost and offer a contractor who can make the place look as it was before.


Hidden leaks require the highest of the professionals in the plumbing business. Be careful who you choose to find and repair the hidden leaks. It is something that in many situations will cost you a lot, so you don’t want someone who will just add salt to your wounds.