The Enduring Qualities of The Cowhide Rug

If you’re looking for a unique, durable and beautiful rug to accent your decor, consider a cowhide rug. Buying a rawhide rug tells your guests that you have exquisite taste and a flair for style. Simple and elegant, a leather and fur rug is a unique accent peace that reflects simplicity as well as an affinity for modern living. But there are many reasons to purchase one that go beyond appearance and luxury.


Cowhide rugs can accent any decor in a variety of ways. The natural beauty and distinct patterns of each one make it a perfect accessory. They aren’t just perfect for the floor but can also be displayed as wall hangings. Aesthetically placed on a center place on the wall, the natural colors and luxurious texture make a very bold decorating statement. They come in countless colors and designs, both naturally and dyed. A rawhide rug can be displayed over existing carpet, hardwood and tile. Even as a throw, a leather rug is the perfect complement to leather furniture for a rustic, country flavor or any decor. While this natural rug does imply a turn back to the natural, it also adds a decadent touch to any room.


Most cowhide rugs that are of good quality are not only hypo-allergenic but also fragrance free. Those who have sensitive skin or other allergic reactions will enjoy this rug which is one hundred percent hypoallergenic. Unlike man-made carpets or rugs, rawhide does not trap allergens or release fibers into the environment.

Extremely Easy to Maintain

Practically carefree, a cowhide rug needs minimal maintenance. A light vacuuming or shaking will loosen debris and dust. To keep the hair soft and looking its best, a soft brush once in a while easily does the trick. If something is spilled on your rawhide rug, liquids will rarely if ever penetrate the skin and can easily be cleaned with a wet rag or sponge.


Cowhide rugs are among the most durable rugs that there are. Because they are made of leather they are extremely durable. An investment in a cow skin rug can be considered a lifetime investment with very minimal care. When properly maintained, a good quality real rawhide rug will stay in beautiful shape and can easily become a treasure that is passed down from one generation to the next.


In an age where everyone is leaning towards more eco-friendly choices in their life, this rug is the perfect complement. Because it is the skin of an animal, it is organic in nature and requires little to no care. Each one is unique with no two ever the same making it the perfect natural accessory to any decor. Visit for more information.