Designing a Smart Home

When a Victoria BC custom home builder builds a home today today there are some big changes from what a home looked like even as recent as a decade ago. Many buyers are demanding to have smart technology when purchasing a home today, after all technology and the convenience it offers is a part of our lives. Builders of luxury homes especially keep up with the very latest trends in technology to feature in their smart homes such as the ones listed here.

Home Automation

If you haven’t had the opportunity to tour a smart home or attend a home show one of the newest ides is home automation. Home automation is a way to control basic home functions and features using one or more devices. Everything from your security to making tasks easier when there is a well designed system in the home. Home automation is really at the center of  what comprises a smart home.

Control Your Lighting

Download an app and it’s possible to turn on every light in a room and the lighting throughout your entire home. If it’s more subdued lighting at the touch of a button you can have it just the way you like. Forgotten to turn the lights off, no problem it can be controlled from miles away or you may want the lights on to welcome you home.

Control The Temperature

Using your phone or ipad you can make adjustments to the thermostat in your home from anywhere and can translate into savings in energy costs.

Entertain on a New Level

All this new technology is fun to play with and experience all the ways it can be used in a smart home. If you enjoy entertaining at home you will want a home theater system that can be controlled on a phone or ipad from anywhere in the home. All these gadgets usually mean lots of different controllers, with a home automation system that ties it all together it’s easy to take care of everything on one device.

Enjoy Whole House Audio

Having speakers in the important rooms in your home and being able to control the sound level on one device allows you to do so without going from room to room. When you’re cooking dinner you may want music playing to inspire you or maybe it’s quiet you need in the baby’s room as they nap, all of it can be controlled whichever room you’re in.

Feel Secure

The safety of your family and belongings and cameras mounted around your home gives you that peace of mind. Those times when you’re away from home you can view and control the security system with a system that integrates all your systems in one that can be controlled from a single device.

Innovative technology to use in smart homes is meant make our lives easier and more fun! Contact Hughes Construction today and learn how they can automate your home.