5 Big Benefits of Custom Cabinetry

Putting in custom kitchen cabinets is often preferable to the pre-fab options for a number of reasons. Homeowners who are considering custom cabinetry in Richmond VA have many things to consider as they place their trust and resources into a custom cabinet maker. 

The custom option can be a little more expensive than the one-size-fits-all alternatives but when you have a set of custom cabinets installed in your home, you’re making an investment that will last for as long as you own the property. 

Here are five big benefits that you can expect to enjoy with custom cabinetry: 

1. Customized to Your Exact Standards

When you have custom cabinets installed in your kitchen, you are getting a cabinet that allows you to customize their aesthetics and functionality. Every facet of your cabinets is carefully considered and chosen by you, from the materials to the color to the hardware and everything else in between. 

You pick how many drawers you need, the size of the boxes, even any special features and accessories that you want to enjoy in your home. Custom cabinets mean they reflect your personal taste and meet all of the demands of your lifestyle. 

2. Exclusivity

Putting in custom cabinets ensures that your cabinets are exclusive and unique to your home and your home only. You have the final say on every last aspect of the cabinets and you can enjoy them knowing that every design option and aesthetic choice was made by you. 

Even the home improvement stores can’t promise that. They may feature hundreds of choices in their catalog, but despite the wide array of options available, you are still limited by what they offer and that range of choices could very well lack the right look and feel that you want for your kitchen cabinets. 

3. Sized for Your Kitchen Space

Some kitchens have unusual dimensions and not all mass market cabinets will fit in your particular space. You may have a small kitchen where space is at a premium and that means getting creative in how you arrange your storage. 

In cases such as these, you will need to go with custom cabinets so you have the right size storage and plenty of features to meet the challenges of your particular kitchen. 

4. Long-Lasting Quality of Craftsmanship

Custom cabinets are not mass-produced on an assembly line in a factory located in some far-flung location where the product is slapped together and shipped from miles away. Going with custom cabinetry means you have highly skilled expert craftsman working by hand to produce a high-quality cabinet that you can be sure will last for generations. 

5. Higher Resale Value

Finally, another big benefit to having custom-made cabinets installed in your home is their ability to increase your home’s value. Buyers understand what they are getting with custom cabinets and while this cabinetry may reflect your personal style and taste, the cabinets you created may still be appealing enough to others who will admire the level of quality and craftsmanship they represent.