What Factors Should You Consider Before Installing A Fence?

The Chesterfield fence company wants to be sure that you are installing your fence with all of the important factors considered ahead of time. This is can be a fun and affordable process or an expensive endeavor fraught with problems resulting in your having the wrong fence put in. 

This is something you want to do only once. Today’s fences are high quality and built to last. This is an investment you want to be able to live with for years to come. So, let’s get this right the first time. Here are the most critical factors that you should keep in mind before you have your fence installed: 

Why A Fence?

So, you’re putting up a fence. The type of fence you install will depend on the reasons why you want a fence in the first place. You likely know already why you’re installing that fence around your home. Maybe you want to keep your kids and pets from running out into the road. Maybe you want to keep intruders and strangers from walking onto your property. Perhaps this is a fence for privacy. 

Whatever the case may be think about the function your fence is supposed to serve and then make your other choices accordingly. 

Materials for your fence

Now that you know what purpose your fence is supposed to serve, you can start to decide on the right materials for ensuring that it is able to accomplish that purpose. Putting in a fence for privacy means you want something that is tough to see through, be it wood, vinyl, and so on. A chain link fence is not a good choice for privacy. 

On the other hand, chain link is ideal for security. So is wrought iron. If it’s a fence you want to keep little ones for wandering off, you just need something that doesn’t have gaps through which anyone or anything can slip through and escape. 

Think about the weather and other environmental conditions where you live. You want something that can withstand the harshest impacts of weather and your home’s natural surroundings. 

Regular upkeep

Another thing to keep in mind when you are choosing the right fence for your home is how much time you can put into maintaining it. Some materials are much easier to keep clean than others. Vinyl is the easiest to maintain as it requires very little effort on your part. You just need some warm water and soap and you’re good for a few months. 

Wood, on the other hand, will demand more of your time as you need to clean it, stain or paint it, and do this repeatedly every so often to ensure that the fence doesn’t start to degrade and look dull and worn out. 

So, think about how much time and effort you want to put into your preserving the condition of the fence you decide to install. Unless you plan to call in a professional fence cleaning service, you will be doing the work yourself. Is that a responsibility your lifestyle will allow you take on?