Putting a New Roof On Your House

Replacing the roof of your house can be a complicated, detailed process. Taking your time to complete each step will ensure that it is waterproof and will protect your home from any inclement weather that may occur. It is preferable to have a professional do this for you. Here are the steps they will take. 

Removing the Original Roof

Before the Roof installation Sacramento, they need to remove the shingles that are on there. You should rent a dumpster to dispose of what they tear off. Spread tarps out over your lawn and driveway to catch any nails that might stray. They will remove the nails from your roof or pound them into wood. Once they are finished, empty what might have fallen onto the tarps into the receptacle then search the yard for any additional materials.

Install the First Layer

The roofers will roll out the base layer of your roof across the wood. As they do, they will peel away the top and bottom cover so that it adheres when it is laid flat. This prevents ice jams of other moisture from making its way under the shingles, protecting your home from water damage. They will apply the first layer, overlapping each by a few inches. Once they have completed the first time, they will put a second section of underlayment down for added protection. 

Lay Down Felt

When they are finished, they will roll out the felt roof paper over the adhesive underlay. They should anchor the paper to the wood with several staples then carefully smooth it out. Once they reach the opposite edge of the roof, they can secure the entire strip down with staples. They will repeat this procedure, lapping a few inches over the previous piece, until the entire area is covered including the peak of the house.  At this point, your house is ready to have the new batch of shingles put on.