Are Sheepskin Rugs Ethical?

Sheepskin rugs may be ethical or not depending on where you get them. A sheepskin is obtained from a slaughtered sheep. Ethical providers get them from animals that were already slaughtered for meat. Sheepskin rugs are, therefore, a by-product of the meat industry. Before tanning, they would have no value. Only about 0.045% of sheepskins are tanned. Most are treated as waste.

In the United Kingdom, about 15 million sheepskins go to waste every year. They are either burned or buried. Unlike in the past when sheep were primarily kept for wool, they are now kept for meat. Buying sheepskin rugs does not help sheep in any way but it doesn’t pose a threat to them either. 

Do Sheep Die for Sheepskins?

No, they don’t. Even though sheepskin comes from slaughtered sheep, they are slaughtered for a different reason. Even though sheepskins have no effect on the lives of sheep, there is one slight difference. The best sheepskin rugs come from sheep that have never been closed to barbed wire. The animals enjoy roaming around outdoors and being on grass. This, therefore, poses no harm to them. 

Are They Good for the Environment?

Sheepskin is great for the environment. You can wash and dry it with your regular wash and the hairs it sheds have no harm are biodegradable. Sheepskin sheds fewer hairs than man-made fabrics. 

Your sheepskin rugs can last long. Even though they have a soft feel, they aren’t delicate. They can withstand lots of traffic and outdoor use. 

Why Is Sheepskin Important?

Sheepskin has lots of uses. Even though it is popularly used for rugs, it may also be used for gloves, boots, and warm wear. Sheepskin is great for use in winter. 

It may have medicinal value. Its soft lanolin is great for fragile and sensitive skin. Sheepskin products are great for older adults and infants. They may prevent bedsores. Lanolin present in wool is also used in lotions. 

In certain parts of the world, temperatures are so low that using sheepskin for warmth is necessary rather than a choice. 

Buying Ethical Sheepskin Rugs

When buying your sheepskin rugs, you must consider its source. Even though most of them are by-products of the meat industry, there may be a few unethical providers. 

While most online stores claim to provide natural sheepskins, it is not always true. Check to ensure that your sheepskins are ethically sourced and that they aren’t loaded with strong chemicals. The chemicals are not only harsh to you but the environment as well. Some farmers use harsh chemicals on their sheep to promote fast production. Being local does not always mean that the sheepskin is safe. 

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