5 Things You Can Do To Protect Your Home from Natural Disasters

Inclement weather is an unfortunate constant in our everyday lives. Hurricanes, tornadoes, and floods affect thousands of people every year, and they present a great risk to those who own a home. Homeowners must make ample preparations to protect and insure their homes and assets against damage from these natural disasters. Here are a few things you can do ahead of time to help prevent damage caused by extreme weather.

Purchase High-Quality Home Insurance

While you cannot prevent a natural disaster, you can lay plans for compensation should one cause damage to your home. Basic home insurance packages may not include policies for these specific types of damages, so be sure to read through your paperwork carefully. If you do not see compensation for damage caused by natural disasters included, ask your insurance agent how you can add it to your policy.

Seal the Edges of Windows and Doors

If your house has not been maintained properly or is in need of significant repair, you run a higher risk of severe damage from a storm. Perform annual checks and look for signs of dilapidation, especially around your doors and windows. Specifically, check the caulking around the edges of all openings to the house. Applying new caulk is an excellent flood prevention measure and can protect your home from water damage.

Secure All Outdoor Structures

If you have outdoor buildings like garages and carports, make sure they are secure and up-to-code. These structures are often less stable than your house, making them susceptible to strong winds that can blow them over. Secure these buildings by making sure all support beams are stable and that the frames are strongly bolted to the foundation. Consider installing storm-resistant windows and doors, as well.

Trim the Trees Around Your Home

Overgrown trees can cause severe damage to your home if branches are ripped away due to high winds in a storm. Monitor the growth of the trees closest to your home and make sure to trim them regularly. You can do this on your own or hire an independent contractor to help you. You can also cover smaller trees with canvas tarps for added protection from strong winds during a storm.

Repair Loose or Missing Roof Tiles

Your roof protects your home from leaks that can lead to severe water damage. To prevent this, make sure your roof is in good repair and take the time to replace any tiles that are missing. Because a storm can happen at any time, it is wise to perform annual roof inspections to take care of issues ahead of time.