Everything You Need To Know About Foundations

Home repairs and remodeling are a common and normal occurrence every few years, but a house’s foundation is laid down once. As a homeowner, you want a foundation that is solid and durable. Here’s everything you need to know about house foundations and how to repair them.

What Does a Foundation Do?

The foundation is the base of house, which steadies the house and keeps out moisture and unwanted creatures. Over the years, the foundation keeps the house together and doesn’t crack or bend due to the moving earth around it. A solid foundation can help a house last decades longer than anything put on the ground without one.

Basement Foundation

There are three main types of foundations. The first is a basement foundation. This type goes down the deepest and generally has a lot more living space. The walls are braced with foundation footings, which go below the ground’s frost line. Modern basements have a variety of different looks and styles.

Slab-On-Grade Foundation

This type of foundation works well for environments that don’t freeze or thaw out every year. A slab on concrete is poured into a flat square. This type of foundation is a little cheaper than other types of foundation and can offer protection against termites and other nasty pests.

Crawlspace Foundation

Less is more for crawlspace foundations. Instead of having a large basement space, this type of foundation has a small space between the floor and foundation footings. This leaves room for storage, but it isn’t big enough to live in. This is a less expensive option that still allows some storage space.

Problems and Solutions

Although each type of foundation is sturdy and meant to last, issues can occur. Often this comes from a mediocre job of installing the foundation in the first place. Weak concrete and poor compacting can lead to problems down the road. Soil can also play a role in cracking the foundation when it freezes and expands.

Slab repairs should be done by professionals to prevent any future problems. You can tell that the foundation is stressed by looking for signs such as cracked bricks, separation around walls and windows and cracks in the basement floor. If the foundation is cracked or broken, this is a sure sign that you need some work done.

If you see a problem with your concrete, be sure to fix it as soon as possible. If you are building a home, decide what type of foundation works best for you, and make sure the job is done right in the first place.