Common Reasons Why Your Furnace Isn’t Igniting

When it’s cold outside and your heating system isn’t working, life can be pretty tough. But before you call your local hvac terre haute to come and diagnose the cause of the problem, it might help to know what your possible issues may be. 

When you can do some of the investigation work yourself, you are better equipped to minimize any potential malfunctions or damage that could come about from leaving the problem unaddressed. So, if the problem you are having is that your furnace won’t ignite, here are some of the areas you may want to explore as to why: 

The Pilot Light

This is typically the most common reason why a furnace won’t ignite. You have no pilot light. Gas or propane-operated heating units will typically rely on that pilot light or an electronic ignition to start your furnace. In many instances, you just need to reset your unit by turning off the gas for about four to five minutes and then turning it back on once more. 

Your furnace should be up and running once more and your ignition or pilot light ready to go. If this doesn’t fix your problem, you could be dealing with faulty ignition and that will need to be repaired or possibly even replaced. 

The Furnace or Burner Doors

Sometimes if your furnace isn’t firing up, it’s not due to your ignition. It may not even be a serious issue that requires costly repairs. In fact, it could be as simple as checking the furnace door. If it’s not tightly shut then your unit’s safety measure will be triggered. Take a close look at that door and make sure that it is indeed closed up tight. 

If that door is closed, give the burner door a look next. That door must also be closed completely if your heating system is to be expected to work properly. 

The Thermostat

We all know that the thermostat is the main control console that ignites your heating system and the furnace that allows it to warm things up. But when there is something wrong with your thermostat, your furnace and all of the other components that make up your system will not work either. 

So, by now you’ve diagnosed your pilot light, ignition, and doors on your furnace and burner. If the issue doesn’t lie with any of those, then you may want to be sure that your thermostat isn’t on the fritz.  The first thing to check is the batteries. If they are old or dead, then it may be as easy as replacing them with a fresh set. Try doing this up front, but in the event the batteries aren’t the problem, you may want to check the other electrical aspects of the system next. You may have tripped a fuse or tripped your heating’s circuit breaker. Go to the box and check to see that juice is getting to the heating system and that may be the core cause of your furnace failing to ignite