Tips to refresh your home office

After several months of being indoors, it may be time for a home office refresh. There’s some redecorating that can be done, or a quick remodel of the room may be what you and your space need. Refreshing the space may take a little planning, but changing the space may make your home office feel like a more productive environment. Here are some ways you can refresh your office space.

Declutter Your Desk Area

Desks tend to be full of clutter and getting rid of some excess can help you get organized. Throw away anything that you do not net and organize the rest. Finding some filing organizers and desk organizers can help you to get rid of some unnecessary clutter. Getting some file folders to put in a file cabinet or organizer, a pencil holder, and other office tool organizers will help to declutter your desk. Getting rid of the clutter over your desk will allow the space to feel more open.

Paint Your Room Or Get Wallpaper

A fresh coat of paint can transform any room. If you are able to, give the room a fresh coat of paint. A lighter color is more likely to open up the room, especially if a lot of natural light doesn’t go into that room. If you can’t paint, a wallpaper or even a removable wallpaper would be a drastic change that would completely change the room. Removable wallpaper will make it easier for you to make a change in the future because they are easier to change out.

Replace Your Carpet with Hardwood

Replacing your carpet with hardwood or even refreshing your existing hardwood can help. Carpets can sometimes make rooms feel stuffy. Getting Denver Hardwood can help you with your project. You can get the room’s carpet replaced and if you want something plushy under your feet at your desk, you can get a small rug. If you already have hardwood floors, you can stain them if you want to have a change in color. You could also give them a polish or hire someone to refinish them. 

Add Accents To Your Office                     

Find some additional furniture like accent chairs, shelving, and accent items to make the space feel more fresh. Having a comfy chair with a throw pillow of an accent color can help to brighten the room. Adding some wall hangings can also help refresh the room. 

Remaking your workspace your own will make it feel like a new room. This will help you to refresh your space and help you to become productive if you were in a slump and not feeling motivated.