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The decor of the walls in the form of a gallery is more and more popular in recent years. This is due to the fact that people have the opportunity to collect favorite photographs and works of art in one place, as well as show their creativity. But there are certain rules, which should not be forgotten.Visitors will be interested to learn the nuances of decorating the home space in a similar way.

Careful choice of works of art

Black and white photos on the walls

The first step in creating a gallery on the walls is selecting the elements that will be displayed. Beautiful location implies the possibility of placing unlike things in one zone. Preference can be given to personal photos, and abstract painting, vivid illustrations.Many people follow certain logic, but it does not prohibit approaching the case with fantasy and hanging on the wall unrelated thematically, but expensive things to the heart. Using the f&b interior design is important now.

Common item

Posters on the walls

Developing the concept of a mini-gallery, you need to select an element that will combine the composition of all the selected images. They can be in the same scale, for example, black and white, or express the mood (abstract drawings).

A connecting theme may be a certain plot (landscape) or picture frames made in a single style. An interesting solution is the general color scheme, however, it is necessary to make sure that all the things in the gallery fit into it.


Old pictures on the walls

Of course, the general idea does not hurt, but the differences between “exhibits” are also not to be frightened. Of course, many adhere to the classics and use paintings in absolutely identical frames, evenly distributing them on the wall. But images in color frames of different sizes, as if scattered on the wall at random, also look very interesting and give an individual approach.

Layout plan

Layout of placing photos on the wall

After the selection of certain pictures or frames is made, the optimal position of each of them is determined. From paper, you can cut layouts proportional to the originals and, moving them along the wall, find a place where they will look most spectacular. For convenience, mark these places with special badges or pieces of adhesive tape and hang your favorite works of art.

Frames with photos on the wall

The most important factor in creating your own art gallery is the independence of the work done. Find things that you love and complement them with your creation.Following the above tips, you cannot resort to the help of a designer and easily learn how to build any favorite artwork into the interior of your house.