Types of Window and Door Weather Stripping To Choose From

As home or commercial building owners, you are very meticulous when it comes to the maintenance of your property. You are surely aware that the climate changes and there might be some things that has to be fixed or replace. When you are inside, you are safe from different natural elements. For example, when it is raining, you won’t need to worry about getting wet. As long as the entrance or exit and windows are closed, there won’t be chances for the water to get in because there are no spaces for this to pass through.

Well, that is, if the entrance or exit and windows are intact. As time pass by, the weather stripping also worn out. Now, if you were not able to check this on time, then water, wind and dust to name a few, may give you more problems in the future. Anyway, you should also seek for experts, who can work on the coupe froid porte or door weather stripping. I know that you may do such things on your own, but without sufficient skills, you might end up spoiling the tape and wasting money.

By the way, before ordering such materials and hiring experts to do it, you should first be able to define what you need and for what purpose. Through this, you can easily get the appropriate stuffs for this project. I supposed, you know that a weather stripping will be used to seal open spaces on your windows and entrance or exit. However, can you manage working on it and using the right type? You should be able to choose the right type that can withstand any natural element.

V-Channel or V-Strip

One of the weather strippers that you can find in the market is the V-Channel or V-Strip, which is also known as the Tension Seal. This comes with a vinyl, aluminum or stainless steel material that is designed in a V shape form. With this type, you just need to peel it off and stick it in place. However, it would be great to use nails for the finishing.

It is specifically used for sealing the gaps on the sides and top part of your door. And then, it could be used to seal the sides of your sliding windows as well as a double-hung.

The good side of using a V-Channel or V-Strip is that, it becomes invisible when it is already in its place. And then, it is also famous for its durability, which is what home and commercial building owners are looking for.  The only downside is that, it can increase the resistance when opening and closing the window or entrance. But it would still be great to learn more about the V-Strip.


Another type for you to choose from is the felt and you can buy it in rolls. It is designed, using felt or all-wool felt material. It is actually used for sealing a window sash or around the doors as well as its jamb. I suggest you to prepare nails or your preferred stuff to staple it in place.

There are individuals, who prefer felt because it is cheaper and the installation is easy. However, this can only last for 1 to 2 years. It is also not that durable, if compared to V-Strip. Using this would be very visible, too. And then, if your place is exposed to abrasions, frictions and moisture, then it is not ideal to use.

Foam Tape

The next option for you is the foam tape, which vary according to thickness and width. It is designed, using foam, vinyl, rubber and PVC material. It is an ideal option that you may use on the bottom and top of the window sash, frames of your entrance and attic hatches as well as your inoperable windows.

Installing the foam tape is quite easy, suitable for cracks with irregular size or shape and it is also inexpensive. Therefore, it will surely suit your budget. But be aware that this is like the felt because they are both visible. Another downside to this is that, you can only use this in the parts of your house, where less wear occurs. This means that using this in an area, where you often come in and out is not advisable.

Door Sweep

For your last option, we have the Door Sweep, which is designed, using an aluminum as well as stainless steel material. And it is also brushed with other materials, such as nylon, sponge, vinyl, felt or plastic, which could be used in filling the spaces between the threshold and the door.

This option is ideal in sealing the bottom of your entrance, particularly on the interior side. By the way, you will need screws for this type. Of course, with the right skills, you will also find the installation easy. The only downside of using this is on the houses with a carpet because the door sweep may drag on it.  

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Weather Stripping Tips

Again, if you are an expert, experienced individual or equipped with construction skills, then doing this project would be easy for you, especially if the task is not too much. However, if this project is specifically set for the whole house or building’s interior or structure, then it would be best to hire a professional. Check on https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Weatherstripping to find out more on other purposes.

But for individuals, who would like to work on their room entrance, you may try and take it as a small job. The first thing that you should do is to prepare the necessary materials. You will be needing door sweeps to be placed at the bottom and then, the foam tape to the sides and top portion.

Basically, you have to clean this with soap and water. After that, let it completely dry and cut the materials with your desired length. You may now peel and stick in place. Now, close the entrance and screw it for the final step.