Utilisation of Mini Excavators in Civil Construction

The main reason mini excavators are preferred for small construction projects are because they cost much less than larger or standard excavators. Apart from that, small construction project requires machines that are small in size, weigh less, practicality and versatility, and the mini excavator itself is the perfect solution for it. When heavy duty machines are used in residential areas, the best option is to use a mini excavator, because of their general characteristics such as fitting into tight spots and small compounds. Mini excavators are most commonly rented, as excavator hire rates are far lower than the cost of ownership.

For instance, contractors most often use mini excavators for installing outdoor pools or even hot tubs, the reason for that is because when it comes to business, time is money which makes the mini excavator the best solution for them as jobs are completed faster. To build a 5×4 swimming pool it would require about 5 labourers to work for at least 12 days and complete 70% of the project, but a mini excavator would only take half the time to build a swimming pool of the same size. Not only does it save up time for building swimming pools, but it also saves contractors and project managers time when it comes to tasks involving demolition such as breaking walls or even landscaping assignments.

Mini excavators are also commonly used by city workers for ploughing snow on roads during winter seasons also because they are able to finish the job more efficiently just by using special attachments that is commonly referred as ‘a blade’. In essence, what allows these compact mini excavator rentals to have a high mobility rate when it comes to moving on the snow covered roads is its light weight and compact size element.

In most circumstances, general mini sized excavators are used for home projects as they could be very sufficient to do intense tasks. To demolish small structures such as sheds or walls are what mini excavators are capable of, and when it comes to tight spaces, they are able to move around easily. When you compare these machines to hand powered tools, hand powered tools could cost more and whilst being less efficient and could take up even more time.

These machines are not only good for bringing down small structures, but they are also able to quickly clean up the mess from the demolition, and this factor is very crucial that it should not be overlooked. When it comes to digging foundation holes the same ‘element of efficiency’ could be applied to it as well as they could do a much better job compared to shovelling or other tools that require more manual labour power.

Mini excavators are able to help cut time which allows project managers to proceed to other tasks that are just as equally as important such as laying down sewer lines where mini excavators are more suitable compared to larger / standard excavators, such as trenchers. Trenchers are not only just larger in size but it is much more expensive and are much more difficult to manage especially in tight spaces, but on the other hand, mini excavators could do a much better job at their tasks and would cost even less.